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How to Audition

For Our 2023-2024 Season

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AUDITIONS FOR [title of show]  -

Auditions will take place August 27th at 6 pm at 116 N Jefferson Street. Please prepare a 32 bar cut of a contemporary musical theater song. Callbacks will follow directly after auditions at 7 pm. Please email to secure an audition appointment or with any questions. Video auditions will be accepted until August 26th at 12am.  All video auditions should be submitted to with TOS/ Audition/ Your Name as the subject line. 


  • Please note that [title of show] will have a very short rehearsal process and will require artists that are able to pick up material very quickly and be incredibly adaptable.

[title of show] will take place January 17-28th 2024, at the TheatreLab Space in Dayton, OH. Rehearsals tentatively begin January 5th. All roles will be contracted, paid positions. Actors of all races, ethnicities, gender identities and abilities are encouraged to audition. Non Equity* 

Directed by: Mackensie King and Drew Roby

Music Direction: Madeline Stern


 JEFF (male) Age range: 25 - 40, LQBTQIA+ 

Range: B2-G4 (Belt) with (B4 Falsetto*)

 Jeff is the shows composer, a Broadway enthusiast who especially likes obscure musicals and collects Playbills from shows that ran 50 shows or less.Jeff’s a realist, and while he has a great passion for creating, he worries about what others will think of his work. Songs to look at: Two nobodies in New York, Part of it all.

HUNTER (male) Age range: 25 -40 LQBTQIA+

Range: C3-B4 (Belt) with (D5 Falsetto*) *Interchangeable between Hunter and Jeff

Hunter wrote the book for [title of show], he dreams about making it to Broadway and one day winning a Tony Award. Hunter enjoys watching trashy reality television and1980’s Mega Musicals. Hunter really leans into his comedic side of acting. Songs to Look at: Two Nobodies in New York, I'm an Original Musical.


HEIDI (female) Age range: 25-40 

Range: F3-F5. Technically low E3’s are used in the Development Medley but these are supported by everyone else. A good low G3 is workable for casting Heidi)

Heidi moved to New York to pursue her dreams of being an actress, and out of the four friends has the most Broadway experience. She is the ‘new girl’ of the group, having only worked with Jeff previously. She dreams of one day originating a role on Broadway. Songs to Look at: A Way Back to Then, Secondary Characters.



SUSAN (female) Age range: 25-40 

Range: E3 – C5 (comically up to F/Gb5) 

Quirky and kooky, Susan is truly an individual, an artist who portrays the reality for many in the performing arts industry- maintaining a ‘day job’ to support her artistic endeavors. She has some doubts about her singing ability and is at first reluctant about being friends with the ‘new girl’ Heidi. Songs to Look at: Die Vampire Die!, Secondary Character.

Male Swing- Will cover both Hunter and Jeff- will have 2 performances. One as Jeff and One as Hunter. These will be our Wednesday evening performances.

Female Swing- Will cover both Heidi and Susan- will have 2 performances. One as Heidi and one as Susan. These will be our Wednesday evening performances.

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Get Involved 

Volunteering offers vital help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and your Dayton theatre community, but the benefits can be equally great for you. TheatreLab is always on the lookout for new Volunteers! Throughout the season, we have volunteer opportunities for all! From costumes to sets, volunteers are crucial to the success of TheatreLab Dayton!

If you're interested in volunteering, please enter your email below and we'll reach out as soon as possible! 

Thanks for submitting!


This imperative funding enriches the lives and culture within the Dayton, OH region and is crucial to the success of our incredibly talented artists!

  • Lumber for 2022/2023 Season Shows - $2,000

  • Sound Technician  - $250

  • Fog Machine - $500

  • Props for 2022/2023 Season Shows - $250

  • Batteries for 2022/2023 Season Shows - $50

  • Costumes for 2022/2023 Season Shows - $1,200

  • Set Rental for 2022/2023 Season Shows - $1,500

Dayton Theatre Lab American Idiot cast members

Contact Us

Philip Drennen, Executive Director


Mackensie King, Artistic Director




116 N Jefferson St #200, Dayton, OH 45402

Monday - Friday: 10AM -4PM

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