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Upcoming Auditions


TheatreLab Dayton is excited to announce auditions for Not Another Thanksgiving Play (Staged Reading/Workshop)!

Auditions: May 21 beginning at 7pm and May 22 beginning at 6pm, we may ask you to stay and read for other characters


Not Another Thanksgiving Play will workshop June 24-29 with a final presentation of a staged reading and talk back Saturday, June 30.

We are actively seeking a diverse cast and actors of all races, ethnicities, gender identities and abilities are encouraged to audition.


Directed by: Philip Drennen

Written by: Marley Masterson


How to Audition:

  1. Sign up for a time slot at here

  2. OR submit a video audition to by May 23, 2024


Please prepare a side of your choosing from the provided list (see link above), you may be asked to cold read another scene at auditions. All video auditions should be submitted to with Audition/ Your Name as the subject line. 

Not Another Thanksgiving Play is a queer, polyamorous, slice-of-life comedy that modernizes common sitcom tropes and subverts romcom expectations. A group of Dungeons and Dragons players must navigate the complexities of their mid-20s while attempting to balance family, friendship, and romance. With Thanksgiving around the corner, the friends are forced to decide whether or not to hide their identities from their parents, while confronting issues of religious trauma, family drama, jealousy, and boundaries. 

KAT (Late 20s)

Kat is the Dungeon Master for the D&D group, and that’s the only place she feels like she really belongs. She sees the world through D&D and movies, and just wishes things felt the way they did in the past, before everyone was too busy dating and falling in love. She has never been the best at reading a room, or picking up on social cues. She has never been interested in romance, and she always believed her best friend Daniel felt the same way. She and Daniel live together, and have been inseparable since middle school.

GEMMA (Mid-late 20s)

Gemma is in relationships with both Froggy and Daniel. She is in her first year of hormone therapy, and has not come out to her parents yet about being transgender. She is overwhelmed with anxiety about the holidays, and Daniel made it much worse for her by telling his parents they could meet her. She is a guarded and private person, and she wants to keep her relationships private too. She can’t stand other people meddling in her business, but her friends keep insisting on being involved. Talking about her feelings has never come easily to her.

DANIEL (Late 20s)

Daniel is a chronically anxious, scatterbrained but loveable mess. He grew up in a staunchly conservative household, and is trying desperately to rebel from his upbringing in whatever ways he can, though it doesn’t come easily to him. He often finds himself over-committing, or putting his foot in his mouth. He has never been in a romantic relationship before, and is convinced that he is going to screw up his relationship with Gemma. After all, why would anyone want to date someone like him? 

SARAH (Mid-Late 20s)

Nobody really knows Sarah on a deep level, except for her partner Froggy. Even her best friend Lizzie doesn’t quite understand her. She is the kind of girl who everyone would describe as “nice.” She has always been a “good girl,” and doesn’t know how to break free of that trope. She is well-read, introverted, and a former straight-A student. She desperately yearns for something different in her life, but doesn’t know how to be anything but her awkward, shy self. She has a bad habit of putting her foot in her mouth, so she tends to either clam up or overshare.

FROGGY (Early-mid 30s)

Froggy is in relationships with Sarah and Gemma. He is the oldest member of the friend group, and everyone views him as the “dad friend.” He does not view himself as someone to be looked up to, yet everyone continually does. Even though he is a therapist, he doesn’t want to take on that role for his friends, but keeps finding himself in situations where he is being asked for advice. He almost can’t help himself; he can never seem to get out of his therapeutic mindset. 

LIZZIE (mid-late 20s)

Lizzie is a barista with a big mouth. She doesn’t like being alone and feels uncomfortable in quiet moments, so she has a tendency to overshare. She is in a monogamous relationship with her boyfriend Cody, who she sometimes can’t stand. She doesn’t really know what she wants out of life, and she has never really given herself the opportunity to find herself. She and her best friend Taylor may be a bit co-dependent, like two halves of a whole. She has been secretly in love with her other best friend, Sarah, since college.

TAYLOR (early-mid 20s)

Taylor has a lot of baggage that he turns into humor. He does not feel comfortable in silence, and will talk just to talk. He loves to gossip, and tends to meddle in other people’s business. Everyone is a toy for Taylor to play with, consequences be damned. If you tell Taylor your business, it becomes everyone’s business. Taylor doesn’t manufacture drama to be spiteful or mean, but he genuinely feels uncomfortable with candidness and sincerity. He doesn’t let anybody too close, except his best friend Lizzie, on whom he is a little too dependent.

ANNABELLE (Late 40s - Early 50s)

Annabelle is Gemma's mother, and she does not know Gemma's true gender identity. She and her husband Joel believe her “son” Jordan is gay, and wants to try to be as encouraging as possible. She feels like she has done something wrong as a mother, because “Jordan” still hasn't come out to her. She is a woman of many hobbies, and she likes to dabble in new age concepts like crystals and meditation. 

JOEL (Late 40s - Early 50s)

Joel is Gemma's father, and he does not know Gemma's true gender identity. Joel is a proud, charismatic stay-at-home dad. He views himself as very intelligent. He also believes Gemma to be a gay man, but is more patient than Annabelle about it. He knows “Jordan” will come out when “he” is ready. 

MARTHA (Late 60s-Early 70s)

Martha is Daniel's mother. She doesn't understand why Daniel left the church, and she is desperate for her son to get on the right path. She wishes he would call more, would listen to her more, and would settle down with a nice Christian girl. She is losing hope for her son, and she believes his lifestyle choices are intended specifically to spite her.

HAROLD (Late 60s-Early 70s)

Harold is Daniel's father. He is a stern and quiet man with an old-fashioned sense of humor. His wife has a strong personality, so he knows when it’s time to keep his mouth shut. He can see that his son is going through a rebellious phase, but he knows he will get back on the right track eventually. 

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